Head Boy and Girl

Every year, two pupils from Year Six are appointed as our Head Boy and Girl. They write letters of application to the staff who, after careful consideration, announce the decision in time for the beginning of the school year. The Head Boy and Girl are involved in a wide range of activities, including taking a lead in school celebrations and representing Feering Primary School on visits.

Our current Head Boy and Girl

Head Girl – Harriet Mead:

It’s an honour to be Head Girl in my 7th and final year at Feering Primary School.  At school I enjoy Art, Science and answering challenging Maths questions set by my teacher.  I like to look after the younger children in Reception and also to assist the ladies in the office with extra duties/tasks.  
I have started to play Netball with the school team this year and we have a new tuck shop which a group of us help run at break time.  This raises extra funds for our school and it’s also great fun to help with.
Outside of school I attend a local dancing school, which I joined when I was 3.  My favourite dance is modern but I also learn ballet and tap.  When I can I like to swim and I also play Real Tennis a couple of times a week.  I have recently joined Guides where I have made some new friends.
I am looking forward to my year 6 residential in June and making lots more memories in my final year.
Head Boy – Robert Matthews:
Hello, my name is Robert. I live in Feering with my mum, dad, nan, my sister Kitty, my brother Oliver and a dog names Muriel. Being Head Boy means  being very responsible and trusted. My favourite things are cars video games, roast dinners and my nan’s apple pie.

To make an appointment to view the school or to ask any questions, please contact the school office on 01376 570296