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Snowy Owls
Arctic Foxes
Snow Leopards

Welcome to Snowy Owls

Our class teacher is Miss Cormick and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Crockford.

We learn from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum and learn through a balance of adult initiated and child led learning.

We are very lucky and have both an indoor and outdoor classroom that we use every day in all seasons. Each week  we have the opportunity to complete independent activities for each area of learning; Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Physical Development, Literacy, Maths, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.

We also have very fun ‘Funky Fingers’ sessions to improve our fine motor skills, P.E where we learn how to keep fit and healthy, Circle Time for our communication and listening skills.

Please see the guide of activities you can do to support your child whilst in Class One

Top Tips for helping your child at home

Curriculum Synopsis

Goal Scorers Goal Scorers May 2017

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Welcome to Penguins

Our class teachers are Miss Price and Mrs Bacon.

We will regularly update our class page, capturing memorable moments, showing how Penguins learn, sharing successes and communicating with you, so that you can develop learning skills at home.

Every other week, Penguins will be doing a Big Write! The principle behind Big Write is to give the children a writing voice, equipping children with skills and independence to write at length. We will follow up with Assessment for Learning techniques, wearing our editing glasses to edit and improve our work. Check out or goal scorers!

Spellings will go home every two weeks.

We look forward to lots of fun learning in the Summer term.

Homelinks 07.10.16 Homelinks 21.10.16 Homelinks 11.11.16 Homelinks 25.11.16 Homelinks 20.01.17 Homelinks 03.02.17 Homelinks 24.02.17 Homelinks 10.03.17 Homelinks 24.03.17 Homelinks 21.04.17 Homelinks 05.05.17 Homelinks 19.05.17

Goal Scorers January 2017 Goal Scorers February 2017


Spring Term 2017 Curriculum Map

A Guide to Huskies

Welcome to Huskies

Our Class Teacher is Miss Coe.

Other adults that work in our class include: Mrs Gardiner and, Mrs Scillitoe.

In Year 2 our learning is infused with a range of core subjects and foundation subjects. Year two is the last year of Key Stage One and so the children are expected to set a good example and be good leaders to the other Key Stage One children. English lessons consist of lots of different styles of creative and descriptive writing. We think about extending our sentences with sandwich words and lots of adjectives! The children also partake in daily Phonics sessions which are streamed across the Key Stage One classes. Regular Phonics increases the children’s ability to segment and blend words, which is then applied in regular reading both in school and at home. In Maths, there is a continued emphasis on key skills, such as number bonds to 10, 20 and 100 and the place value of numbers. The children will learn a range of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division strategies and will apply their knowledge in problem-solving activities. We also learn our 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables! The children will continue outdoor and indoor Physical Education lessons weekly, alongside scheduled Outdoor Learning sessions. In Geography, Year Two children will develop a better understanding of the world, climate and lifestyle with a comparative focus of two countries. In History, the teaching will be centered around key events that have happened through time. Art and D.T will help children become more familiar with a range of artists and techniques. Here are some pictures of the learning that has already taken place this term…

We found chocolate bar clues which eventually took us to a golden ticket! Can you guess what our Roald Dahl topic is this term?




Goal Scorers

Homelinks 16.09.16 Homelinks 23.09.16 Homelinks 07.10.16 Homelinks 21.10.16 Homelinks 11.11.16 Homelinks 25.11.16 Homelinks 20.01.17 Homelinks 03.02.17 Homelinks 24.02.17 Homelinks 10.03.17 Homelinks 24.03.17 Homelinks 21.04.17 Homelinks 05.05.17 Homelinks 19.05.17

Welcome to

Snow Leopards

Our class teacher is: Mr Lee

Other adults who work with us: Mrs Gardiner, Mr Nicholls, Mr Bass.

We are a mix of Year 4 and Year 5 pupils.

Thinking about moving into Year 6 as we get older,we work hard to develop their skills and understanding across the curriculum.

In Maths we not only explore mathematical concepts in greater detail, but also focus on independently using and applying those skills in a wide range of contexts.

Our English lessons consist of learning to improve our writing skills through the exploration of a variety of narrative and non-narrative text types, from imaginative stories to persuasive letters and more! Developing our independent knowledge and use of spelling rules is also very important.

Independence continues as a theme in Science as alongside the factual learning about different scientific areas (such as Forces and Space), we will be developing our skills in investigation, considering and undertaking different experiments to answer our own scientific questions.

Through PSHE pupils will develop a better understanding of the world around them, both at a personal level and with regards to the lives of others. In History we will be looking at some key civilisations in world and British History and discovering things like how they lived, how their lives were different from our own, and what made their civilisation so successful?

In Art, we are studying the work of different famous artists and their techniques, using their styles to help develop our own artistic abilities.

We have PE on a Thursday and Friday afternoon, although some of these sessions may change depending on weather conditions.

Homework will be issued on a Friday and is due in on Wednesday. It will consist of weekly Maths, Spelling, Times Tables and something from the Choose Your Own sheet.

Goal Scorers Goal Scorers May 2017

Homework for the Summer Term 2017

Curriculum Map for the Summer Term 2017



Our class teacher is Mrs Jones.

The other adults who help us are Mrs Andrews, Mr Nicolls and Mrs Jackson

In our class we are a mix of Year 5 and 6 children; mainly Year 6.

In class 6 we are working hard to develop independence in our learning and maturity in our outlook, ready to move onto our new schools in Year 7.

We work very hard in Year 6 and enjoy our learning whilst having fun.  Our learning is topic based and so far this year we have studied Roald Dahl’s Matilda, The Ancient Maya, Space and Electricity and we are now doing The Blitz.  In the summer term we will be studying Evolution and Inheritance and Entertainment in the 20th Century.

In January, as part of our Space topic, a mobile planetarium came to our school and we learnt a lot about our Solar System.  This term we are visiting the Roald Dahl Museum for a day of story writing ideas.  After our SATS exams, as a special treat, the Year 6 children are going to see The Lion King in London’s West End.  In June, we will go on our residential trip, participating in a whole range of activities including canoeing, abseiling and 4 x 4 driving.

We especially love P.E. which takes place on a Thursday and Friday afternoons (weather permitting).  We have a specialist coach who comes on Friday afternoons to teach us the skills and techniques necessary to be successful in a range of sports.

On alternate Monday afternoons, we are lucky to have a specialist Science teacher from Honywood Secondary School, come and teach us Science.  On Wednesday mornings we have Music and French lessons by Mrs Taylor and Madame Bensabai.

Homework is given out on a Friday and is handed into our teacher on a Wednesday.  This is topic based in addition to consolidating our recent learning.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the school office.

Homework for the Summer Term 2017

Curriculum Map for the Summer Term 2017


To make an appointment to view the school or to ask any questions, please contact the school office on 01376 570296